Health Insurance

Howard University Hospital (HUH) has contracts with most of the major third-party payers (insurance plans, HMOs, etc.) available in this area. This list changes occasionally since there is significant activity in the health care arena due to the expansion of managed care, mergers/acquisitions and new contracts negotiated by the hospital. Payers/lnsurance plans not included in the list below may still authorize services at HUH during approved medical emergencies.

Advance approval or referral is often required by must payers. Also, many payers limit certain services (i.e., laboratory, radiology, etc.) to select sites. Our Admissions Office can help you and/or your physician to determine if the services you require will be covered by your insurance here at HUH. They will also assist you with the approval process. If you do not have any type of medical insurance, our Financial Counselors can evaluate your eligibility under an assistance program or arrange a payment plan with you. We also accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Admissions Office staff can be reached at (202) 865-1201.

Please present insurance identification cards during the admissions process. In accordance with the hospital's advance payment policy, pre-certification approval of admission is required in many cases. Ask your plan or your physician's office for assistance. Remember that many insurance companies require prior authorization before an elective or urgent admission. Whenever you are being admitted, check with your insurance carrier to determine if prior authorization is needed before you are hospitalized. If you have no insurance, you will have to pay a deposit for elective surgery upon admission.

We will always respond to emergencies. If you are being hospitalized as a result of an accident, before being admitted please provide all accident insurance carrier and/or insurance agency information so that our financial counselors can get approval for payment before admission.

Howard University Hospital also accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Admissions Office staff can be reached at (202) 865-1201.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Medicare: Howard University Hospital is a participating provider for Medicare. Present your Medicare card, as well as your supplemental insurance cards, upon admission. You will be responsible for any Medicare deductibles, co-payments and services not covered by Medicare and your supplemental insurance.

Commercial Insurance: If a commercial carrier insures you, please bring your insurance card with you to the Admissions Office. If your insurance company requires a claim form, please bring a completed form with you. Most commercial insurance carriers require pre-certification, pre-authorization and/or a second surgical opinion.

Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care: If you receive City or have State Welfare, or Medicaid Managed Care, please bring your current identification card to the Admissions Office. Pre-authorization is needed for elective admissions or elective outpatient services

Carefirst Blue Cross / Blue Shield: If you are insured by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, please bring your current insurance card with you in order to provide your individual membership identification number to the Admissions Office. All Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance coverage verification is only an estimate of available coverage and is subject to final review and approval by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Most Blue Cross/Blue Shield policies require pre-certification and pre-authorization prior to admission. Please be sure to fulfill this requirement before you are admitted to the hospital.

Health Maintenance Organizations: If you are covered by an HMO, please bring your insurance card to the Admissions Office to provide the hospital with your membership number. Most HMOs require a referral from your primary physician. All HMOs require pre-certification and pre-authorization before admission.

Workers' Compensation: Workers' Compensation cases are covered when approved by the employer or the employer's insurance carrier. In liability cases, you are responsible to the hospital for prompt payment of your bills and are expected to seek reimbursement from the liability insurance carrier.

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