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Patients who cannot afford to pay for medically necessary care may apply for financial assistance from Howard University Hospital.  We encourage patients needing financial assistance to contact Financial Counseling at (202) 865-3510.

Financial Assistance Counseling

Financial counseling services are available from the Financial Assistance team, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This staff assists patients and prospective patients in determining whether they qualify for financial assistance from the hospital or from outside sources.  Our associates are well versed on federal, district and hospital programs and will work with patients to find the best plan or program for the situation.

Howard University Hospital's Financial Assistance Program

Eligibility for financial assistance is determined by the patient's ability to pay for services that have already been provided.  Howard University's program covers payment for medically necessary care, but does not cover routine co-pays and deductibles for patients having medical coverage unless a hardship can be documented. The program also excludes services deemed not medically necessary, such as cosmetic surgery or fertility services.
The process usually takes no more than 30 days from the time an application and its supporting information are received. 

Applicants will need to provide supporting documents such as, but not limited to:

  • Proof of current address, phone number, social security number*,
  • Most recently filed federal/state tax return showing income; OR most recent paystub (bi-weekly), 2 paystubs (weekly).
  • Receipts, statements or other documents supporting monthly living expense burden documented in application.
  • Letter from individual currently paying rent, mortgage and utilities for applicants who reside with, but do not contribute to those expenses.

*Applicants electing to not provide their social security number must provide either a current federal, state, district or school identification as a form of identification.

For more information on this program patients may call (202) 865-3510, or appear in person at the Financial Clearance offices located in room 101A, on the first floor of Howard University Hospital.

Financial Assistance Application

Financial Assistance Application | English

Financial Assistance Application | Spanish

Financial Assistance Application | Amharic

Federal and District Financial Assistance Programs

All patients presenting to Howard University Hospital's Emergency Department, including those with conditions where hospitalization is necessary, are interviewed for any potential need of Federal and/or District program assistance. Our federal/district eligibility vendor is located onsite, and is responsible for assisting patients in the preparation of applications under various federal and District Financial Assistance programs. These applications are then forwarded to the appropriate agency and their status monitored by the vendor. 

Patients can find out more about these programs in person at Main Admissions, where we will direct you to the next available associate for assistance.  Main Admissions is located to the right when entering through the front entrance of Howard University Hospital.

Patient Payment Plans

Patients with balances exceeding one hundred dollars ($100) may request monthly payment arrangements. The patient must pay no less than five percent (5%) of the total balance (the balance of all outstanding accounts combined) or twenty-five dollars ($25), whichever is greater. In circumstances where the patient is unable to pay the five percent (5%) monthly payment as communicated by the patient to the hospital, the Director of Patient Accounts will have the authority to reduce the patient's monthly payment to no less than three percent (3%) of the total account(s) balance. In no circumstances can a monthly payment amounts be less than three percent (3%) of the total balance unless approved by the Chief Financial Officer or their Deputy. No interest will be charged the patient, provided the patient continues to meet the minimum monthly payment requirements. If monthly payments are not made consistent with this policy, actions will be taken that are consistent Howard University Hospital's bad debt policy.

Bad Debt

Once an account has been processed through the routine collection channels internally, it may be assigned to an attorney or collection agency for collection. Although the age will vary somewhat from account to account due to the various elements contained in the patient billing file, the average period of time for in house follow up is less than one-hundred twenty (120) days. In accordance with District and Federal Law, Howard University Hospital reserves the right to bill for interest, late fees, finance fees, and collection costs as they apply.

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