Community Outreach & Education

How is the Center Involved in Community Outreach?

Screening in the community to identify people who are carriers of the sickle gene is an important activity of the Center. Teams are available at no cost to attend health fairs and other similar public activities where information is made available and where persons who so desire can be tested for the presence of the sickle gene. This activity not only promotes awareness of issues in sickle cell disease, but allows people to know whether they might someday pass on the sickle gene to a future generation, allowing them to make informed decisions about having children.

The Center and Education

It is essential for children in school, especially African-American children, since the disease is most common in that ethnic group, to learn about sickle cell disease, what it is, what it means to be an inherited disease and what is being done about it.  Center personnel are prepared to visit schools to make age-appropriate educational presentations. Educational programs are available for adult groups also.

Collegiate Student-Athlete Sickle Cell Screening Program

The Center offers a special package for screening of student athletes, in response to the recent NCAA policy that requires Division I and II incoming, and eventually all, student-athletes to complete sickle cell screening, show results of a prior test, or sign a written release declining the test. The Center offers the following:

  • HPLC testing, which is more sophisticated than the NCAA-required solubility testing
  • Pre-screening education
  • Post-screening genetic counseling if an athlete is found to have trait or other variant result

The Center is also available on a limited basis to meet with athletic trainers and coaches to provide education sessions.

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