Our Approach to Patients

We evaluate the family history of anesthesia problems, bleeding, neuromuscular problems and other unique problems. We review medications and allergies as well as previous surgeries and anesthesia, chronic problems and state of control, including sleep disordered breathing, bleeding/bruising and acute illnesses.

No One is “Cleared”

Even completely healthy children who have a low risk procedure can have complications. We determine what their risk is (low, medium or high) and whether there is anything that needs to be done before procedure to lower or better understand that risk.

Pre-operative Screening

Preoperative screenings are provided by our general pediatric or adolescent medicine team (see contact information above).

The purpose of a preoperative evaluation is to provide a medical assessment of the level of risk associated with undergoing a procedure. Our specialists provide medical recommendations for things that should be done prior to a procedure to either better understand the risk (diagnostic testing) or lower the risk (therapy changes).

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